Armstrong Heath is a private billing clinic. Pensioners and Children under 16 years old attract a discount. All patients will need to finalise their accounts at the time of consultation. Payments can be accepted in the form of cash, EFTPOS, MasterCard or Visa. Medicare rebates can be claimed from Medicare instantly into the patient’s bank account if they provide an EFTPOS card at the time of payment or via online patient claiming.
Mental health consultations and medical reports attract different fees. Some procedures, dressings, vaccines and other items may also incur a separate fee. Please ask at reception for a full explanation in relation to our fees if required.
Patients attending for Work Cover and Transport Accident Claims are charged a private fee. A receipt will be issued so that the patient can claim reimbursement from the employer or the TAC.
Medical examinations such as for insurance, pre-employment, taxi driver’s licenses, truck driver’s licenses and superannuation purposes do not attract a Medicare rebate and must be paid for at the time of the consultation.
The following is provided as a basic guide to common fees based on the Medicare rebates for consultations with one of our general practitioners as of May 2017.


Normal Fees  Saturday Fees Medicare Rebate Out of pocket  Discount Fees Medicare rebate

Out of pocket


$76                       $81 $37.60 $38.40 $66 $37.60 $28.40
20-30 min $121                      $129 $72.80 $48.20 $111 $72.80 $38.20
30-40 min $130                     $130 $72.80 $57.20 $120 $72.80 $47.20
over 40 min $ 155                     $165 $107.15 $47.85 $145 $107.15 $37.85
Full Skin Check $121                       $129 $72.80 $48.20 $121 – No




 Bulk-Billing:   Following services are bulk-billed

  • All government funded childhood immunisations
  • All government funded flu vaccines      
  • All government funded adult immunisations
  • Chronic disease management plans
  • Health assessments for 75 years and above
  • 45-49-year-old health assessment for qualifying individuals
  • Diabetes risk health assessment for high-risk risk individuals

Appointments: Appointments can be made online via our website/phone app/health engine or by calling the clinic. Emergencies will always be given priority.  Longer consultations are available: please advise the reception staff if you require extra time. Walk-ins will be tried to be accommodated but not always promised unless it is a medical emergency.

Communication policy: Patient queries will be responded to by phone or email, in a timely manner. Staff will take your details, and will only interrupt a consultation if the problem is urgent.

Test Results:  If you have been referred for a test, please ensure you contact us for the result within two to three days.  Abnormal results will be followed up with a phone call from the relevant Doctor, or office staff will be in contact for a follow-up appointment.

Management of patient health information: Our practice is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your health information. For more details, please ask to see our Privacy Policy.

Patient feedback: Please speak to a member of the clinical team, or the administrative staff, if you have suggestions, or are unhappy with the service you have received. Alternatively, you can contact us online:  or
Health Complaints Commissioner, Ph: 1300582113   

Victoria Office of the Health Services Commissioner
26th Floor, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: 1300 582 113 Fax: 03 9032 3111 Email: Web:


Patient rights: Patients have the right, and are encouraged, to participate in the decision about their healthcare.